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Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation

Effectively Test Controls with Real-Time Digital Twins and Automated Testing

Testing control algorithms can be time-consuming, expensive, and potentially unsafe if you decide to test against the real system. To remain competitive and deliver high-quality controller software, test engineers have replaced traditional testing methods with Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing.

HIL testing lets you verify your controller design without the complete system hardware. Instead, rely on a real-time plant simulator that acts as a digital twin of the real system or parts of it, benefiting you in practicality and cost.

Safely test corner cases, integrate new hardware upon availability, and make controller design changes when they are still cost-effective to implement.

To effectively test your controllers, you need access to flexible and well-integrated testing solutions that flawlessly complement your model-based design workflow.

By opting for Speedgoat and Simulink Real-Time™, you benefit from the most convenient solution for running deterministic simulations of complex plant designed with Simulink® and Simscape™ products on powerful multicore CPUs and high-performance FPGAs. Furthermore, you can author test scenarios and execute them in real-time on our HIL simulators, directly from Simulink®, using Simulink Test™ integration.

Start using Speedgoat turnkey HIL solutions and make sure your team focuses on testing the actual controller and is not overwhelmed with the trivialities of building and setting up a real-time testing environment.


Test often, Test Better with Full-Blown HIL Digital Twin Solutions


Test Smarter
Efficiently test your controllers with a one-stop model-based design solution for both plant modeling and real-time simulation.
Deliver Better
Deliver higher quality controllers with systematic testing and increased test coverages enabled through test automation.
Test Safely
Safely test your controllers under conditions that would otherwise be too risky or time-consuming to perform.
Stay Competitive
Replace expensive system hardware with digital twins that offer you worry-free connectivity. Test earlier and reduce the likelihood of costly fixes on later integration stages.


Core Capabilities for Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing

Use advanced real-time Hardware-in-the-Loop systems that you can scale and
expand to your project size to get the best possible implementation for your success.


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