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Developing and Testing Vehicle Dynamics and Chassis Controls

Accelerate the development and testing of vehicle dynamics controls such as ADAS and stability and braking systems.

Vehicle dynamics controls are responsible for providing support in difficult driving conditions, achieving an OEM-tailored driving experience, and offering advanced driver assistant systems (ADAS). Components and systems that need to be actively controlled include:

  • Braking and stability systems including ABS and ESP
  • Semi-active and active suspension systems
  • Drive-by-wire systems  
  • Hydraulic systems for construction machinery

Leverage rapid control prototyping or ECU bypassing to execute, iterate, calibrate, and test new control designs in real-time without being dependent on old or constrained controller hardware. Once the production-level ECU is available, hardware-in-the-loop simulation enables you to test your controller by emulating your vehicle in real-time. Furthermore, employ test automation to save valuable time.

“With limited resources as a start-up, the time to get things working is really key. Speedgoat excelled for us."

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Featured Application Use Cases

Advanced Driver Assistant Systems 

Develop new designs for supporting functions such as hill-start and ascent, brake-assistant, or crosswind stabilization. Develop real-time and deterministic motion controls needed for lane keeping assistants (LKA), automatic cruise control (ACC), lane changing assistant (LCA), and more. 


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Stability and Braking Systems

Design and test new control algorithms, including electronic stability control (ESP), anti-lock braking system (ABS), and traction control system (TCS), to improve the stability and safety of the vehicle. 


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Drive-by-Wire Technologies

Design control strategies for steer-, shift-, brake-, and throttle-by-wire systems. Customize the driving experience to match the overall vehicle-DNA and provide a unique driving experience. Tune your designs directly in the vehicle. 


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Active Suspension Systems

Iterate and validate controls for active and semi-active suspension systems to adapt to different driving conditions, improve handling, and increase your vehicle's overall safety. Receive inputs from the steering wheel and the breaking and acceleration pedals in real-time or emulate them when testing your ECU.


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Hydraulic Systems for Construction Machinery

Design controls for complex hydraulic systems needed in construction machinery. Leverage rapid control prototyping to test and tune your control algorithms of the hydraulic systems. Further, optimize them before integrating them into your ECU. Test the ECU safely using Hardware-in-the-Loop simulation to find last design flaws and ensure all requirements are met.


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Request a configuration proposal now for a Real-time target machine, configured to your application-specific I/O, sample rate, and environmental requirements, and providing you with the most seamless, unified desktop and real-time simulation and testing workflow with Simulink.


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Real-Time Simulation and Testing

See how it works! Learn more about Rapid Control Prototyping and
Hardware-in-the-Loop simulation to design control designs and test controller hardware.


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