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Powertrain Simulation, Controls and Testing

Accelerate development and testing of powertrain controls for battery electric, hybrid, conventional and fuel-cell vehicles

Energy efficiency and sustainability needs and expectations are dramatically impacting the design and testing of powertrain components including:

  • battery packs, fuel tanks and fuel cells

  • electric and combustion motors

  • automatic transmissions

  • onboard chargers

  • power electronics such as DC-AC and DC-DC converters

Real-time simulation of novel control and supervisory concepts and automated testing using digital twins accelerates the development of complex designs and assures that functional, safety and certification requirements are met:

“Speedgoat systems offer state of the art performance with application-level support included, enabling detailed modeling of the tractor environment for ECU testing and development."

Jürgen Weinbuch, AGCO Fendt

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Featured Application Use Cases

Electric Motors and Drives

Iterate and validate high-fidelity control strategies for electric motors and drives using techniques like field-oriented control (FOC), direct torque control (DTC) or model predictive control (MPC).

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Frequently Used I/O Interfaces

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Automatic Transmissions 

Iterate and validate shifting strategies for your transmission control unit (TCU) to optimize fuel-consumption and driver comfort. Receive input from the various required sensors. Get feedback from the traction control system (TCS) in-case unfavorable road-conditions are detected. Request torque reduction from the engine controller during shifting. Share information regarding the health of the transmission to raise trouble codes.  


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Hybrid Vehicle Controls 

Design and test supervisory strategies for hybrid powertrains. Communicate with powertrain controllers (e.g. for the engine, electric drive, battery management system, transmission, and recuperative braking system) to control the switching between the engine and electric drive, energy recuperation and more.   


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Battery Management Systems (BMS)

Design and test supervisory controls for battery packs that monitors cell voltages and temperatures, estimates state-of-charge (SoC) and state-of-health (SoH), limits power in- and output and  control, controls the cooling, changes charging profiles and balances the SoC of individual cells.

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Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

Design controls for complete fuel cell stacks. Manage the hydration within fuel cells by controlling needed factors such as the coolant temperature or the airflow. Directly interface with complete fuel cell stacks, including coolant pumps and air compressors, to manage the power output. Validate the performance of your fuel cell controls under different ambient temperatures or humidity levels by simulating the fuel cell themselves in real-time.


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Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

Internal Combustion Engines 

Develop strategies for new or existing controllers to reduce emissions and fuel consumption. Design and test ignition or injection strategies requiring fast closed-loop controls. 


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Request a configuration proposal now for a Real-time target machine, configured to your application specific I/O, sample rate and environmental requirements, and providing you with the most seamless, unified desktop and real-time simulation and testing workflow with Simulink.


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Real-Time Simulation and Testing

See how it works, learn more about Rapid Control Prototyping and Hardware-in-the-Loop simulation,
to design control designs and test controller hardware.


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