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UAV Simulation, Controls and Testing

Increase reliability and functionality of your UAV with Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) and Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) simulation

Drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) are widely used for transportation, recognition, cartography, or inspection. A reliable function of onboard systems like flight controller and sensors are crucial for an autonomous flight and mission success. 

The technical complexity of UAVs requires efficient means to transition from desktop simulation to automated hardware testing.  

Rapid Control Prototyping enables you to test your Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) at an early design stage without risking a crash and time-consuming repairs. Hardware-in-the-Loop testing allows you to perform real-time tests of the flight controller in simulated missions and even help you achieve certification despite the progressively strict regulations. 

"The ability to perform HIL testing allows even the most complex satellite mission operations to be verified on real hardware."

Tuomas Tikka, Aalto University

Made for SimulinkPassenger Vechiles fixed-wing Off-High-Way Vechiles Racecars


Fixed Wing



Featured Application Use Cases

Open Standard System Development

Develop and enhance your UAV by taking advantage of open standards like Pixhawk, supported by Speedgoat with the Dshot Code Module, to test and tune control algorithms.

⮕ Learn more about Dshot communication 


Frequently Used I/O Interfaces

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Battery Management Systems (BMS)

Test the battery management system for your propulsion or onboard supply battery system with Speedgoat cell, complete battery pack, and temperature simulators, also inserting faults.

⮕ Learn more about cell emulation


Frequently Used I/O Interfaces

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Autonomous UAV

Iterate and validate control strategies for your autonomous UAV for variable degrees of autonomy. You can test your Autopilot directly in Simulink with real-time LIDAR or GNSS input, or you can test your flight controller using emulated control and sensor inputs to simulate its next mission.


Frequently Used I/O Interfaces

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Electronic Speed Controller

Test and improve your electronic speed controller to enhance reliability in challenging environmental conditions. Receive input directly from the motors using the back-EMF feedback technology. You can integrate the motor control algorithm in your UAV Simulink model to save time during the testing of design changes.


Frequently Used I/O Interfaces

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Real-Time Simulation and Testing

See how it works, learn more about Rapid Control Prototyping and Hardware-in-the-Loop simulation,
to design control designs and test controller hardware.


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