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Flexible real-time simulation and testing solutions engineered to your specific requirements

The development of highly complex controllers requires unique and optimized design tools. Increase your real-time simulation and testing capabilities through additional non-standard hardware and software solutions engineered to your use-case specific functionalities and interfaces.

Leverage Speedgoat’s engineering services for enhanced solutions, which fully meet your requirements.

Rely on an experienced project management accompanying your project from the requirement specifications to acceptance testing and commissioning.

"The ability to perform HIL testing allows even the most complex satellite mission operations to be verified on real hardware..”

Tuomas Tikka, Aalto University



Available Services


Custom Rack Solutions

Expedite innovation leveraging standardized, modular rack systems with customizations services. Take advantage of ready-to-use systems with complete integration of all required components for automated testing, rapid control prototyping (RCP), hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing, and commissioning. 


⮕ Learn more about our Speedgoat rack solutions


FPGA and Protocol Functionality Development

Make use of the software engineering service for specific or proprietary communication protocol support and custom-built FPGA functionalities. 


⮕ Learn more about our Speedgoat FPGA solutions


Signal Conditioning

Signal conditioning solutions as add-on to your Speedgoat real-time system are tailored to your I/O interfaces ensuring conformity of signal levels and full signal integrity. Take advantage of modular signal conditioning circuits including isolation amplifiers, filters, and Schmitt triggers, as well as current and voltage measurements. 



Cables, Adapters and other Accessories

Increase the flexibility of your I/O connectivity, assure its inter-product compatibility, and easily extend your system using additional cables, adapters, terminal boards, or connector panels. 


⮕ Learn more about our Speedgoat Cables, adapters and other accessories


Mechanical Customization

Tailor-made form factors of I/O modules and customized enclosures or open frame configurations of real-time target machines guarantee easy mechanical integration of Speedgoat products into your system. Operate your real-time target machine in harsh environments and protect it against intrusion of dust and water utilizing customized enclosures complying with IP65 level according to IEC 60529. 




Integration for Custom I/O Modules

Get support for the integration of your proprietary I/O module into Simulink Real-Time and take full advantage of the Matlab/Simulink workflow integration. 


Non-recurring engineering service solutions


Mechanical Protection by Ingress Protection (IP) Code

Mechanical protection by Ingress Protection (IP) code



We offer complementary services to protect your Speedgoat real-time target machine against intrusion, dust, accidental contact, and water to comply with the demands for harsh environments.  


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