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Accelerate Real-Time Testing of Control Designs and Embedded Controllers with MATLAB & Simulink

Speedgoat offers a range of high performance multi-core, multi CPU target computers

  • CPU
  • FPGA

(target machines) with i3 and i7 CPUs up to 4.2 GHz, and up to 20 cores. Each is optimized for a different application area, from mobile controller prototyping (RCP) to multi-target rack systems for Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL).

Every target machine is:

  • Expressly designed for use together with Simulink and Simulink Real-Time from MathWorks
  • Supports concurrent execution of real-time application on multiple cores
  • Fully assembled and tested to meet your needs
  • Expandable at any time
  • Supported by warranty and support services
  • Shipped with Simulink test models, cables, and terminal boards

Built to Your Needs

Speedgoat guarantees that each target machine is configured to meet your specific requirements, such as sample rate, I/O, and environmental. Furthermore, every target machine comes with Simulink driver blocks or FPGA reference designs to configure all installed I/O and protocols functionality. Simulink test models are also provided.

Paired with long-term warranty, maintenance, training, and consulting services from MathWorks and Speedgoat, you benefit from a truly turn-key solution for your next generation projects.


Scalable and Expandable

All our real-time target machines can be scaled and expanded as your projects grow without compromising on latency or performance. We also offer complete rack systems with multiple interconnected equipment such as real-time target machines, uninterruptible power supplies, inverters and power amplifiers.


Update Resources Section

Link to RCP and HIL, and the industry pages, in addition to the I/O connectivity.


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