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Speedgoat offers a range of digital I/O modules, differentiated by the number of available channels, type of signal levels, isolation, and voltage/current levels.

All I/O modules come with Simulink driver blocks for seamless Simulink workflow.

If you can't find a fixed-functionality digital I/O module with the characteristics you're looking for, do also have a look at our Simulink programmable FPGAs which allow Speedgoat to rapidly implement custom digital I/O connectivity.

Pulse train support such as for encoders and PWM is also available.

Contact us to discuss a solution built to your needs


Selection Guide

I/O module System Type I/O lines Voltage range
In [V] / Out [V]
Current In/Out  
IO203 P, B, M Fixed 64 x TTL individually programmable as inputs or outputs      
IO204 P, B, M Fixed 16 x 12V or 24V inputs and 16 x 6-48V outputs     
IO205 P, B, M Fixed 32 x 24V/0.5A outputs      
IO206 P, B, M Fixed 32 x 24V, 12V or 9V inputs    
IO207 P, B, M Fixed 128 x TTL configurable as inputs or outputs in groups of 8      
IO291 P, B, M Fixed 8 x isolated inputs 48 VDC, 8 x solid state FET relay outputs 5-48 VDC/1 A, 8 x TTL I/O lines      
IO292 P, B, M Fixed 24 digital LVTTL I/O lines (24 mA source/sink)      



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