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FPGA Technology

Controls, signal processing, vision, and plant-simulation applications designed with Simulink® frequently require high frequency acquisition and signal generation support of analog and digital data using ADCs and DACs, I/O connectivity, fiber-optic transceivers as well as high speed protocols. Speedgoat FPGA Technology provides high frequency I/O connectivity, communication protocols and closed-loop rates up to 10 MHz. Our FPGA product offer includes:

  • Simulink-programmable FPGAs for the most demanding applications and closed-loop sample times above 20 kHz. Automatic HDL code generation from MATLAB & Simulink using the HDL Coder from MathWorks.
  • Configurable FPGAs for high frequency I/O connectivity and industrial protocols but closed-loop sample times below 20 kHz. Uses FPGA code modules to provide I/O connectivity, I/O hardware emulation and a wide range of communication protocols.
FPGA Technology

Lowest Latency with FPGA I/O Modules

Speedgoat FPGA I/O modules offer the lowest-latency interconnections as well as support for hundreds of fast analog and digital I/O and tens of multi-gigabit transceivers to implement controls and plant simulation algorithms designed with Simulink, and to process, monitor, tune, log, and replay analog, digital, or vision data. FPGA code modules provide additional functionality such as for PWM generation, capture, encoders, SPI, I2C and hardware emulation.

Some typical applications include:

    • Analog frequencies up to 100 MHz e.g. for motor controls and simulation, power conversion, and battery systems
    • Analog frequencies up to 5 GHz e.g. for RF sampling for software defined radio (SDR), radar, and other high speed applications
    • Digital sampling up to 200 MHz (5 ns) e.g. for pulse width modulation (PWM), encoder measurement and emulation, cam and crank measurement and simulation, and also SPI and I2C protocols communication
    • Vision Acquisition and Generation over HDMI at up to 1080k 60 at 60FPS
    • Low latency, high speed fiber-optic or copper based data exchange up to 10 GHz between multiple FPGAs, installed in the same target computer or in multiple distributed systems, to achieve closed-loop rates above 20-100 kHz even in cases where hundreds of analog and digital I/O lines are required

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