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Test Your Control Designs and Embedded Controllers On Versatile, Powerful and Scalable Test Systems

Speedgoat test systems are:

  • Versatile - Use them at your desk,  in the lab or in-application
  • Scalable  - Cope with increasing numerb of signals as your demands evolve
  • Fast - High performance processing units to allow for high sampling rates, parallel and synchronized execution
  • Simulink-enabled - Test system that are expressely designed for Simulink Real-Time™

A real-time test system consists of:

  • Target Computers -  Your controller and plant models run on powerful and versatile real-time target machines.
  • I/O connectivity - Interface with your hardware while leveraging your preferred communication protocols using dedicated I/O Modules or on-target capabilities. 
  • Accessories -  Cables, terminal boards and panels allow physically connecting your hardware and the target computer
  • Software
  • Services - Get your test system up and running leveraging our services ranging from software maintenance, engineering services, consulting and technical support.

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